10 x 5" Goldhunting

Fully submersible and ideal for finding the finer gold on the patch, searching mullock heaps and combing areas of heavy overgrowth. Pinpointing is made easier by the coil’s elliptical shape. Excellent sensitivity, good depth capabilities and a relatively smaller view of the ground make it the choice when searching for smaller targets.

Compatible with all Minelab SD/GP and GPX detectors.

Size: 242mm x 138mm
Weight: 422g / 14.8oz
Configuration: Monoloop (MONO) coil

This product has been discontinued. Stock may still be available in store, check with your local supplier.

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“My 10x5 mono is fully submersible which lets me detect in places others cannot. I’ve had lots of success and am so happy with my elliptical coil!”

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